gensrclist usage

Vincent Danen vdanen at
Sun Feb 18 09:13:13 PST 2007

Now here's a quick question.  I see in apt there is a genbasedir,
genpkglist, and gensrclist.  I assume that genbasedir calls or uses the
same code as genpkglist, but what about gensrclist?  I just had someone
ask about how to setup a "rpm-src" repository, but apt wants
srclist.release.bz2 and no such file is being created.  Doesn't look
like there is an option to genbasedir to create the srpm index files, so
how do I call gensrclist to make those files?  There are no manpages and
the --help doesn't really give much info.

Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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