specified repository as a cmdline argument

Vincent Danen vdanen at annvix.org
Thu Aug 3 07:54:33 PDT 2006

Is it possible to have apt use a specific repository?  I don't see a way
to assign a repository name in sources.list, and the thing I'd like to
do is tell apt to use a specific repostiory when building my ISOs since
I'm using apt to build the install CD (like a livecd).

Right now if I want to do that (ie. pass an arch to my build script), I
have to modify sources.list and I was just wondering if there was an
easier way.  Essentially, I have my host OS running Annvix 1.2-RELEASE
(I mostly use urpmi, so I don't even have this source configured for
apt, so that's ok), but I'd like to be able to specify either the i586
rep or x86_64 rep to apt without changing my sources.list file at all.

Is that possible?

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