Why bundling lua?

Gary Greene greeneg at phoenuxos.com
Tue Apr 25 23:12:07 PDT 2006

On Wednesday 26 April 2006 02:06 am, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-04-26 at 01:34 -0400, Gary Greene wrote:
> > Regardless of this decision will there be an option to disable the
> > internal lua and allow the packager / site admin to use their own system
> > lua if possible?
> Implementing it would be trivial (actually I have it pending), but
> you've read Panu's decision. His decision leaves no room for discussion,
> he wants to (ab-) use his powers, no matter how wise or unwise his
> decision might be technically.
> Ralf

I agree on you points with this as I really don't want apt to get bloated size 
wise due to static linking. Besides, PhoeNUX ships the aforementioned 
extensions, so why should we be penalised for the mistakes of other less 
competent packagers?

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